About me

I have struggled with a question pitched so frequently at me by teachers,parents,peers and random people (those who had the audacity)  who asked me the same question when i didn’t even know them and it irritated me so much that once I got really annoyed and said “I want to be a starfish”. …Oh sorry! the question was “What do you want to be in life?”
It was the fact that was more frustrating then the question itself that I never found the answer myself. Through the years I  tried to find what i was made for and what i wanted to be or what i wanted to do..the childhood was spent thinking i would want to be a scientist, while half the youth centered around drawing and the latter half was spent dreaming about being a cricketer.

I never got the answer until I was asked by another one of the paunchy adults whom I met at a bus-stop wearing thick rimmed glasses along with the typical look that said “I have seen enough in my life’ , and again i was posed a similar question after the customary greetings, which annoyed me more than the heat of Karachi and the fact that i had to stand waiting for a bus on the day of my graduation. The answer I gave him was unchanged which resulted in yet another question from the guy (frustration increased double-fold) that what am i good at,and on came another answer, different this time. i uttered  ‘writing’.

The guy gave me a smile that said “there`s your answer” and boarded the on-coming bus, while I stood there and watched him struggling through the crowd in the frying heat finding himself a seat. the rim of the bus started moving while i tried to count the wheels rotations,i lost the count after 5 and the strangers smile started making sense,  i stood there under the shelter and realized that i never understood the chemical reactions and the sketches i made almost always went into the bin (except for the ones used for samosas) and I was never really a good bowler…looking at the business degree in my hand i thought i would forget after a month whats the difference between a capital market and a free market and who cares? Writing was what I loved, writing was what I had always done. and writing was what Iam going to do….

That was the first time in my life when I realized my strength and it led to further realizations and training and work-experiences that molded my career focus towards journalism. i miss the playful days when everything was funny and when life revolved around music,cricket and girls. but i love my present as much, i enjoy the possibilities,i enjoy the deadlines,  i enjoy scripting my own news and interviews, and i love the chill in my spine when I am being given a 10 second countdown before going on-air.
I do what I love, I love what I do 🙂

Life is all about unexpected and unplanned events.
It depends how you take and what
you make out of  them.

Writer, Photographer & Journalist.
MA Broadcast Journalism
University of Sheffield.