The Great Gatsby- Movie Review

Remakes are a tricky business; the whole team from director to actor is under the spotlight for attempting to re-create the marvels of a past film. Let’s get this straight, Baz Luhrmann`s past… Continue reading

Ten Myths about The “Iron Lady”

1. Britain became ‘great again’ by leaping up the international output table. In fact, the IMF table of economies listed by nominal GDP put Britain sixth in 1979, where it still was in 1990 – it… Continue reading

Young, educated and jobless.

Igglesden, 20, of Southend, east of London, finished secondary school two years ago and decided against pursuing a university education because he did not want to graduate with the burden of a student loan and no… Continue reading

Obama and the future of US.

What Barack Obama tried to tell America, in the hour of his remarkable victory, is that the nation’s future won on Election Day. Seeking to inspire and to heal, the re-elected president offered… Continue reading

Australia dismantled by Pakistan- Match Report

It was never right, not from the very first ball, not at all. Australia was totally seized by Pakistan’s bowling attack in the first ODI, as the greens damaged the Australian batting line up so easily that at times… Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics and the Troubled World

In a world that can sometimes seem bleak in the face of atrocities, sport has the power to bring people together and remind them of their common humanity. And that is exactly what… Continue reading

Olympics Interesting Facts

London Olympics 2012, Some interesting facts..  This is the third time that London is crowned the host city, the first time they were honoured was in 1908 and then again in 1948. London is also… Continue reading

The Nuclear Iran and its consequences.

As prospects of an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear program mount, the concerns of many are understandable – an Iranian response, some argue, would be devastating, and the potential for faulty intelligence –… Continue reading

Crystals & Mistletoe

The golden crowned sparrows could be heard finding seeds in the flower beds, robins and cedar are noisily feasting on berries in your backyard and the carols can be heard with bells in the… Continue reading

The evolution of Journalism.

One of the most memorable routines of my life has been sitting as a youngster, in front of my father’s newly acquired television, watching the 9`o clock news. The blurry images of a… Continue reading